Our mission

BBUG 129

The predominant goal of BBUG is to give the next generation of business leaders as broad a perspective as possible of their role in business and society.

We aim at strengthening the ability of top executive leaders to measure up to the responsibilities they need for long-term performance in companies as well as in regard to the present and future public welfare.

BBUG’s specific goals are to:

  • strengthening the participants’ interdisciplinary competences and personality for assuming a leadership role at the most senior management level
  • promote cross-industry cooperation within the economy on national and international level,
  • increase communication and cooperation with other decision-makers and key players in politics and society,
  • strengthen business-ethics, reinforce the ethical foundations of the social market economy foster a joint understanding of the values underlying a sustainable development of business and society
  • promote Germany’s foreign trade relations, and
  • forge a lasting cross-sector network of business leaders that trigger a continuous exchange about joint responsibilities and standards of behavior.