Palais Biron

Palais Biron belongs to the most superb conference locations in Europe

BBUG’s 3 week on-campus programs take place at Palais Biron a prestigious historical mansion at the foot of the Black Forest-mountains.

The special combination of a distinguished group of young, high-level participants together with an uninterrupted session period of three weeks and the secluded intimacy of this historical building have proven to be an ideal prerequisite for the creation of the unique micro-climate BBUG is so renowned for.

All this sets the stage for an especially intensive exchange of experiences, ideas and perspectives with BBUG’s high-caliber guest-speakers and creates long-lasting impact on the participants.

Over decades, the special ambiance of BBUG's landmark Palais Biron has turned into an icon for the unique experience the participants associate with BBUG’s program, and the building has become something of a trademark for BBUG itself. For generations of BBUG-participants, Palais Biron has been a place of encounter and center of experience, which has not only shaped their professional careers but also marked the start of many a lifelong personal friendship.