Our team

Michael Schwarz
Managing Director
Phone: +49(0)7221 9789-11
E-Mail: schwrzbbgd

Frank Trümper
Past Managing Director
Phone: +49(0)7221 9789-18
E-Mail: trmprbbgd

Beate Ando
Head of Program Management, Personal Assistant to the Managing Director
Phone: +49(0)7221 9789-12
E-Mail: ndbbgd

Katrin Kuhne
Head of Accounting and General Administration
Phone: +49(0)7221 9789-14
E-Mail: khnbbgd

Mariusz Sliwa
Head of Alumni Programs
Phone: +49(0)7221 9789-19
E-Mail: slwbbgd

Arnold Kornuta
Project Assistant
Phone: +49(0)7221 9789-17
E-Mail: krntbbgd