Since its beginnings in the early 1950s, the “Baden-Baden Entrepreneur Talks” (BBUG) have aspired to prepare future key leaders of German industry for their unique role and extended responsibilities for the success of their companies as well as for Germany’s democracy and the idea of social market economy, both of which were still in their infancy.

“More than ever the economic fate of each and every company, the economy as a whole and ultimately the structure of economic policy for the future all critically depend on the quality of our industrial and commercial leaders.”

This notion of BBUG’s founders certainly holds true today.

Statt akademischer Vorträge hauptamtlicher Lehrkräfte stand von Anbeginn das persönliche Gespräch im Mittelpunkt
Teilnehmer der Baden-Badener Unternehmergespräche 1962

BBUG is a non for profit association. For more than half a century now, this association’s corporate members represent the back bone of the German economy across all industries. BBUG’s members are publicly listed companies (DAX 30) as well as family businesses with global reach.

In terms of content, the founders took example from the best role models among the American and European business schools. At the same time however, the decision was made to differ from these in one crucial respect: Instead of academic lectures by full-time staff members and classroom work on case studies, the focus should be exclusively on direct, personal dialog with experienced professionals, renowned experts and with other top leaders in the fields of politics, science, culture and society.

Today, the overriding objectives are to impart practical knowledge, rooted in personal experience, and an encompassing idea of business leadership, embedded in the larger context of entrepreneurial activity within society.

Wolfgang Schäuble 130. BBUG
Olaf Scholz 132. BBUG

Since 1955, a total of over 130 three-week on-campus conferences have been held in Baden-Baden with innumerable follow-up conferences in various European capital cities.

Today’s BBUG-network of more than 3000 top-executives is considered the most distinguished and influential alumni network in the German business world – continuously expanding itself by the youngest cohort of top-business leaders.