Admission procedures

  • As a general principle candidates for participation in the BBUG are recommended by the board, the directors, or the supervisory board of their company.
  • A committee appointed by the BBUG Board convenes twice a year to select the individuals for each group.
  • When composing each group the committee's decisions are taken not only in light of the individual admissions criteria (Terms of participation) but also with regard to BBUG’s relevant objective of guaranteeing the greatest possible diversity of each group as such and of the BBUG alumni network (in terms of sectors, responsibilities, specialist background, foreign experience, age, gender, social and political commitment, etc.).
  • Since the number of nominations often significantly exceeds the places available (approx. 32 per conference), the committee is forced to turn down some candidates who have fulfilled the formal admissions criteria. A rejection therefore says nothing about the suitability of the candidate in question.
  • Since the committee only takes one conference at a time into consideration, companies having received a negative response to the admission of their candidates must resubmit these nominations if they want to uphold their intention at a future conference.