Participation at a BBUG program is by nomination and admission only.

Individuals being nominated by their company have already achieved great merits in their career and acquired a leading position at senior level. In nominating the person for a BBUG program the respective company acknowledges that this person has been identified for assuming a position in the top management (board of directors) in the near future. Some of the nominees have even already been promoted to board level shortly before participating in the program.

The whole design of BBUG (selection of participants, content, format and duration of the conference) is based on the understanding that the rise to top management level differs significantly from all prior career steps. It signifies a fundamental change from a departmental role (irrespective of how major and senior it may be) to an overreaching responsibility for the long-term development of the corporation as a whole. Also, it involves degrees of public visibility and accountability to external stakeholders which are different in scope and in quality, not only in size.


Rather than looking at the needs of their company from a single, specialist perspective, top executives regularly have to adopt different viewpoints for one and the same issue. Instead of heading one section in the context of the company as a whole, they are responsible for the long-term success of the company in its entirety – in the context of ever more complex global competition and ever swifter changes in society.

This responsibility at the peak of a company entails a special responsibility for the economy altogether, for the common good and for people even in the most remote corners of the earth where the company is active. BBUG’s philosophy is based on the conviction that with promotion to the board or a directorship, it is not so much the content of everyday work that changes but the context, the cross-linkages, and the scope of one’s own actions.

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