Terms of participation

  • BBUG is a program for the next generation of top executive leaders. Accordingly those executives are nominated to take part who have either just been appointed as board members or directors or whom the company expects will be joining the uppermost echelon of managers in the foreseeable future.
  • The participants are primarily employees of corporations in all industrial sectors, the service sector (financial service providers, logistics, communications, etc.), as well as commerce, banks, insurance companies, and a few auditing and consulting companies.
  • Candidates should have at least seven years’ experience as executives, of which the last two years should be in top-level management or at the level directly beneath it.
  • Furthermore participation is only permitted on the terms that the candidates are able to participate for the entire three weeks without interruption as well as for the four consecutive five-day follow-up conferences conducted in Europe.
  • Together with the nominations coming from the 130-odd companies supporting BBUG and in interest of ensuring the greatest possible diversity within the individual groups themselves, BBUG regularly considers candidates nominated by companies and organizations who are not among its supporting members. The key criteria applied are not just personal suitability, but also the current or potential importance of the organization making the nomination in the context of their place in the overall economy’s value-added chain and/or at the interfaces between business, state and society.
  • The BBUG conferences are held both in German and English. Participants must be proficient in both languages.
  • Looking at BBUG’s objectives altogether, there is a special interest in choosing participants who will hold responsible positions in the business world long after they have attended the conference. For this reason, when deciding on the ideal composition of participants the committee takes only those candidates of 50 years of age or less into consideration.