Speakers at BBUG are chief decision-makers, renowned experts and distinguished leaders from business and politics, public institutions, science and research, as well as vanguard figures from culture and society. (Click here for a selection of speakers who have taken part at recent BBUG conferences.)

In all their diversity, they represent on the one hand the various organizations and players that in their own special way are decisive for the destiny of Germany’s and the world's economy. On the other hand they reflect the entire range of demands, opinions and stakeholders with which business leaders have to contend with today both nationally as well as internationally.

For all their diversity and differences, the speakers all have one thing in common: They are all proven experts in their respective fields and established professionals with many years’ experience in top-level leadership positions. Typically they familiarize the participants not only with their particular field of expertise, but also with their personal perspective, the insights they have derived from major successes and bitter defeats, and the leadership abilities they have developed through their experiences.

Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, MdB

Since its foundation frankness and open-mindedness have been the key characteristics of this special culture of communication found at BBUG.

As one participant reported from the very first BBUG conference:

“The participants often forced the speakers to show their colors, to tell the truth. That created a very liberating atmosphere from the outset. No one was able to hide behind some theoretical doctrine. Reading from scripts was scorned.”

Since the emphasis is on dialog, the actual lecture time principally is limited to 30 minutes (or at most one third of the entire time available to address a specific topic). Chatham House rules apply at BBUG.

Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger
Dr. Thomas Enders