Twice a year, in March and September, BBUG runs a 3 week on-campus conference program.

Speakers at the conference are experienced and legendary business leaders, high-ranking politicians, internationally acclaimed scientists and intellectuals as well as exceptional and unconventional leaders from the arts, religions, charitable and civil society organizations.

The name says it all - Baden-Baden Entrepreneur Talks - a program which revolves entirely around dialog and discussion - direct, personal and profound interaction with the guest speakers and among the participants themselves. At BBUG, we allow for this exchange taking time, for it being engaging, musing and explorative instead of one-directional and conclusive.

130. BBUG
Stefan Bergheim BBUG 130

Thus, BBUG programs convey first rate knowledge and transmit first hand experience of the highest level, although not in the sense of developing professional skills. BBUG seeks to broaden the individual's perspective together with deepening his or her insights and to expand the participant's capacity as a leader within a given company as well as within the society at large. Hence, at BBUG discussions focus on imparting a deeper understanding of the overall context and the long-term challenges which are of strategic relevance to all corporations, irrespective of the sector involved.

Statt akademischer Vorträge hauptamtlicher Lehrkräfte stand von Anbeginn das persönliche Gespräch im Mittelpunkt
130. BBUG
At BBUG, we aim at stimulating dialog as a form of collective thinking. Indeed, for over 50 years now this format – as seemingly simple as it appears – has proved to be decidedly appropriate as a means of bringing highly qualified professionals to an even higher level of competence as top executives.